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Nov. 10th, 2011 12:53 pm
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Okay, so 305 has totally jossed my latest story, so I'm just going to post it instead of waiting on my beta, who hasn't responded to any emails since early October. (But I love her anyway)

Eavesdropping for Idiots by [personal profile] supergreak
The walls in the Hudmel house are very, very thin. Finn and Kurt try to make this "brothers" thing work in the midst of the New Directions drama. Four conversations overhead, from just prior to 301(The Purple Piano Project) to right after 303(Asian F).. 2914 words, Hudmels+Rachel+mentions of Klaine, PG15

Ga(y)me Night by [personal profile] supergreak
It was difficult to have any kind of GSA or PFLAG group when only member was out,, so they make it undercover. A story of friendship, coming out, acceptance, and totally kicking butt at board games.
Started previous to S3, so vaguely AU and spoiler-free and only vague references to S3 events.
Light R for language and implications of sexy-times and bullying. 8513 words, mostly Dave, Kurt, Santana, and Brittany gen.
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I don’t even know what I was thinking. I just made a mental joke about The King, and The Queen of Soul, and wondered who ruled Rap(I decided- it’s an anarchy).
My brain is a very strange place.
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The political situation in Rock has always been a bit, well, rocky. Ever since their founding King died(may he rest in peace), there's been a lack of clear leadership. Mostly because Rockers are all that independent, free-spirited type, and also because they don't have good records for keeping leaders alive, due to that whole lack of drug control laws. Sure, they had a Queen (who was a dude, but shut up), a Prince, and then that whole deal in '92 where they elected a band of leaders . Unfortunately, the band rotates members like old '45s, so it wasn't very stable. But then, when has rock ever been stable? There's a reason they live like hermits in the mountains and only congregate for jam sessions.

Country's a good, old fashioned, Republic. Importing 90% of their constitution from a county on their mother planet, they have a very boring, boring, boring way of doing things. Plus side? They rarely get into fights with other countries. Down side? They are dry-as-dirt farmers, for the most part. The only ones who get vaguely interesting are the fiddle players in BlueGrass County, and that's ‘cause they're so talented even the Rappers respect them.

When he was growing up, everyone said, don’t go to Rap. It was run by gangs and there was no rule of law, they said. It was an island nation on the inland Sea of Song, with imposing cliffs on all sides but one (the one pointing towards Soul). There were race wars and misogyny and bullet scars as badges of honor, and some said their songs didn’t even have melodies, which was unheard of. Though it may not have deserved its reputation, its leaders sought to perpetuate it to keep immigrants out. It worked.

Queen Aretha of Soul has been with the nation since its start, and led them from a tiny Fair of State on the riverside to a prosperous, if small, country. The island is kind of like their Okinawa- the people of Hip Hop are distinct, but they’re a part of the country and like the benefits of tagging along with the more established political body. Jazz…well; Jazz is more of a confederation than anything else. It's the second-oldest established country on the continent of Music, but there are so many disagreeing districts, and they're such fans of improvisation that enforcing any kind of structured government is tricky. They've had a Duke and string of charismatic leaders from time to time, but leading Jazz Musicians? Hard to do.
Now, The People of Pop love their democracy. It has the upside of voter choice, and the downside of a wildly swinging government that'll swing 180 degrees over three years. There's usually a Princess somewhere in Pop, descendants and adopted children of the first rulers, but they have many of the same problems that Rock does in keeping leaders. Every once in a while, they'll elect an Idol, but those elections are kind of rigged and the winner rarely ends up leading anything. Like two years ago- the winner? Lives in a small town and sometimes does concerts. The runner up, on the other hand, was raised in Glam in the foothills of Rock, educated in Broadway, and has a large and very loyal following, building a very sparkly city right on the border with Rock. He's aligned himself, wisely, with their current leader- Lady Gaga. Pop also gets a lot of immigrants from other countries- from Country and Rock, mostly, but there have been exceptions. Michael of the Bublé was raised in Jazz before he settled in Pop, and Alicia, Lady of the Keys, was born in Soul and educated in Classical.

Every year, the leaders (or their representatives) of all the countries in Music meet in Pop to settle disputes and discuss diplomatic issues. Every year, someone makes a motion to exclude Rap from the proceedings. It's usually the Conductor of Classical, but sometimes it's Broadway. There's a reason weapons are banned at these meetings, even the swords Theater Queens are so fond of.
The Indie Cities out in the wastelands continue to proclaim their independence, though every few years one votes to join Pop, just for the convenience of it.
The Chief Head-Banger of Heavy Metal only shows up for the free food, and everyone knows it. He sits in the back, playing with the spikes on his jacket, making sarcastic comments to whomever will listen- usually the Cellist with the hot pink hair, who’s the Classical ambassador’s daughter, but wants to move to rock as soon as she’s old enough.

...I can see it now, this is going to end up as slash between the Heavy Metal Dude and, like, the First CouncilMan of Broadway or an upright bass player from jazz or a fiddle player from BlueGrass County.

(In History of Music, there was always the question of who put Wizard Rock on the map. While the contributions of its founder and leader, The Weasel King, were undeniable, it was Team Starkid, from Broadway, who returned from their visit to the tiny settlement and drew a dot in sparkly silver sharpie on the giant map of the continent that hung in the Capitol of Pop. Before them and their musical, people might stumble into Wizard Rock. Now, it was recognized, officially, and strangers from across the continent intentionally sought it out.)

Fic Roundup

Oct. 5th, 2011 08:59 am
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Roundup from the last few months on AOOO.

Courtesy Notice A conversation, mid-Asian F. G, 167 words
We Are Strong (What It Takes To Be A Man) Post- I Am Unicorn. There are some things that friends are awesome for- advice and encouragement. 1600 words, gen, Kurt and Puck, PG-13 for language
The Gleeful Gardener Brittany knew that, like the plants in her garden, all her friends would thrive, if they just had enough love and attention. gen, g, 2815 words.


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