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Last year, Finn's class painted this depiction of his (and Rachel's) van.  The real thing is, unfortunately, even more colorful.

He made a bet with his first class that if they were all reading above grade level by the end of the year, he'd let them paint his van, which was a military surplus Dodge Ram from '89.  He offered homework help and tutoring after school, to any who wanted it.

He had to sleep on the couch for a week after the test results (and the paint cans) came out, but it was worth it to see the look on the Principal's face when she saw that a first-year teacher got his whole class (at a poor school, in a terrible neighborhood, without parental support) got his class of kindergarteners reading not only at grade level, but at second grade level. 
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They occasionally get gigs playing weddings, banquets, bar mitzvahs, sweet sixteens, the works.  Rachel resents it (covers, Finnegan!  I am not a wedding singer!), but appreciates having food on the table.  Puck and Finn think it's fantastically fun, and they recruit local friends and former gleeks to assist, depending on the gig in question. 

Finn also teaches first grade or kindergarten, depending on the year, and his munchkins adore him.  Rachel's the very part-time music teacher for several of the local elementary schools, as well as coaching the choir (unpaid) for the public middle school where Puck works in between her roles and auditions.  Puck plays guitar and piano when they have concerts, because a good chunk of the choir also belongs to his Friday Study Hall/Unofficial Guitar Club.

The next year, the class got to shave his head.  We don't talk about that one.
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